Tower Alerts

Tired of towers being erected in your area without any type of notification to fight back?  Using the FAA’s Obstruction Evaluation / Airport Airspace Analysis (OE/AAA) website, users can now be notified when a structure is proposed in an area that might impact operations allowing you to petition the local zoning authority to build the tower(s) elsewhere or mark it to ensure it will be easily visualized for low-flying aviators.

To receive these notifications, simply complete the following steps:
Once your account is created:
  • Under “My Account and Email Notifications” click “Subscription Preferences”
  • Add a new subscription, and set a radius of your choosing from your home airport

You will then be notified anytime the FAA’s OE/AAA conducts a study for a proposed obstacle in that area. You can then work with your city or county governments and the entity constructing the obstacle to ensure it doesn’t affect your operations.