NATA MET Marking Guidance and Videos

Aviation Safety Videos Highlight Dangers of Unmarked Towers

The University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension program and the Nebraska Aviation Trades Association (NATA) have produced two exceptional videos highlighting the dangers of unmarked METs and the necessity of proper tower marking for aviation safety. Both YouTube videos feature NATA and NAAA member Brian Wilcox flying near an unmarked tower.

The educational videos incorporated the FAA’s 2011 guidance (Advisory Circular No. 70/7460–1) for marking MET towers less than 200 feet above ground level (AGL) in remote and rural areas which included: alternating bands of aviation orange and white paint; high visibility sleeves installed on the outer guy wires; and high visibility spherical marker (or cable) balls of aviation orange color attached to the guy wires. The videos explain the hazards posed by unmarked METs to low-level aviation and also instruct viewers on the proper marking of METs in order to meet FAA recommendations.

Kudos to John Hay with the University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension program, the NATA, Brian Wilcox and the other individuals involved in the production of these excellent videos for highlighting this very important aviation safety issue. The videos are an excellent tool that the Association encourages all members to share with zoning companies, farmers, towers construction firms, energy firms, and others in your local area.

Proper Marking of Wind Measurement Towers for Aviation Safety 

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