Tri-State Aerial Convention - Minnesota Attendees

2014-2015 PAASS Program
February 26, 2015
Grand Forks, North Dakota

The NAAA members listed below have attended the designated PAASS Program for 2014-2015. They may be eligible for discounts or special consideration from insurance providers. In addition, CEUs may be offered by state lead agencies toward pesticide certification. 

Last Name First Name M.I. Company State
 Amundson  Jeffrey    Carlson's Ag Aviation MN
 Anderson  Paul L  Anderson Aerial Spraying Service MN
 Arnt  James R  Arnt Aerial Spraying MN
 Aslesen  Andrew     MN
 Balch  Michael    Scott's Helicopter Services Inc. MN
 Bauer  Chuck    Bauer Countryside Ag Service, Inc. MN
 Boettcher  Cory Jon     MN
 Bolhuis  David    Pine Ridge Air Spray MN
 Carlson  Lynn    Carlson's Ag Aviation Inc. MN
 Donner  Bob G  Donner Aerial Spraying II MN
 Farder  Riley A  Advantage Ag Air MN
 Geist  Andreas    Dan's Flying Service Inc. MN
 Geist  Daniel    Dan's Flying Service Inc. MN
 Gregory  Norb L  Gregory Aero Services MN
 Haberer  Mark M  Wilbur-Ellis Company MN
 Hamilton  Terry D  Midwest Ag Air MN
 Hauschild  Doug    West Central Aerial Sprayers, Inc. MN
 Heiderscheidt  Cory    Heiderscheidt Aerial LLC. MN
 Holmseth  Steven    Fairmont Aerial Ag, Inc. MN
 Hoppe  Matthew L  Friesenborg & Larson Custom  Spraying LLC MN
 Jackson  Douglas W  Benson Air Ag, Inc. MN
 Jennen III  Richard J  Precision Ag Products Inc. MN
 Jerger  Gary G  Ag Spray, Inc. MN
 Johnson  Tylor    Johnson Airspray Inc. MN
 Kellogg  Andrew    Benson Air Ag MN
 Klindt  Eric P  Wilbur-Ellis Company MN
 Knox  Jim P  AgriMax MN
 Krogman  Dean    Krogman Aerial Spraying Inc. MN
 Larson  Kirk    Larson Ag, Inc. MN
 Lesmeister  Dean J  Lesmeister Flying Service MN
 Lofton  Chad R  Lofton Aviation Inc. MN
 Lubben  Ryan    West Central Ag-Air Inc. MN
 Morgan  Boyd    Quality Spraying Service MT
 Parnow  Adam T  Gasper Air Spray Inc. MN
 Peterson  Kenneth    Peterson Aerial Spraying MN
 Pluhar  Darrin    Plu's Flying Service Inc. MT
 Ricard  John E  Central Planes Aviation Inc. MN
 Rongen  Thomas    AgriMax MN
 Schwenk  John    Aero Spray, Inc. MN
 Sigurdson  Richard    Willmar Aerial Spray Inc. MN
 Solum  Dean R  Airborne Custom Spraying, Inc. MN
 Steier  Luke    Blue Earth Aviation MN
 Thisius  John    Thisius Flying Service MN
 Walters  Todd     MN
 Wenzel  Richard E  R & R Spraying, Inc. SD