Tri-States Aerial Convention - North Dakota Attendees

2020-2021 PAASS Program
February 24, 2021

The NAAA members listed below have attended the designated PAASS Program for 2020-2021. They may be eligible for discounts or special consideration from insurance providers. In addition, CEUs may be offered by state lead agencies toward pesticide certification.
Last Name First Name M.I. Company  State
Alme Ryan   TLB Air ND
Berentson Brad   DakotaWild Aviation Inc. ND
Brekhus Julius   Great Plains Aero Inc ND
Brekke Jess D Brekke Aviation Inc. ND
Carignan David   Walhalla Ag Service, LLC ND
Chase Keith   Aerial Crop Care Company ND
Chase Pierson   Aerial Crop Care Company ND
Costa Christiano   Right Way Ag. LLC ND
Daniel Emily   Wings Aerial Applicators NJ
Daniel J. Austin   Wings Aerial Applicators NJ
Erickson Rodney L Wild Rice Air Ag Inc ND
Forest Kevin W Forest Flying Service ND
Fowler Bradley P Sky Farmer Ag Service Inc. ND
Gaerte Mark   Gaerte Ag Service LLC. OH
Gainor Mark     ND
George LaDelle L LaDelle's Spraying Service ND
Gust David R Ag Air Ltd. ND
Gust Doug     WI
Halstenson Ben G   ND
Helle Randy   Helle Flying Service ND
Hovdenes Matt O Right Way Ag. ND
Hoverson Joe T Wilbur-Ellis Company SD
Johnson Lynn L Johnson Airspray Inc. ND
Lesmeister Dean J Lesmeister Flying Service ND
Lindemann Jarrod R North Valley Aircraft, Inc. ND
McPherson Tim L Tall-Towers Aviation Inc. ND
McPherson Travis   Bear Creek Flying Service ND
Meister Curtis E Reabe Spraying Service WI
Mertens Darrel W. Aero Applicators Inc. CO
Moore Matthew Reid Jersey Devil Dusters/Wings Aerial Applicators NJ
Morten Derek   Morten Aero Service ND
Morten Shawn B Dakota Helicopters, Inc. ND
Mushrush Andrew   Klein Flying Service Inc. IL
Porter Greg A Porter Aviation LLC ND
Reabe Tyler   Reabe Spraying Service, Inc WI
Rogge E S   Jet Stream Ag Aviation, Inc. CO
Rubbert Jan   Rubbert Aerial, Inc. ND
Sallee Cade   Jet Stream Ag Aviation, Inc. CO
Schneider Steven   Schneider Aerial Inc. ND
Seng Jeremy C Cavalier Air Service ND
Slater Richard   Slater Spray Service Inc. ND
Slikker, Sr Jon E Vince Dusters CA
Stroh Andrew   Hoistad Flying Service ND
Tibert Andrew   AgriMax LLC ND
Troftgruben Gregory   Central Valley Aviation Inc. ND
Walker Carl   Walker Aviation LLC WI
Welken Brian   Lakeview Aviation Inc. ND
Zimmer Chris   Rubbert Aerial, Inc. ND