Wyoming Establishes MET Tower Registry

In 2009, the state of Wyoming enacted legislation that created the Wyoming Meteorological Towers Reporting System. In addition to detailed reporting requirements, the Wyoming law stipulates that any met tower 50 feet or taller erected, raised after being lowered, purchased or leased on or after March 4, 2009, must be marked in a manner that makes the tower “recognizable in clear air during daylight hours from a distance of at least 2,000 feet.”

It seems fitting that high towers would have to exceed a high bar; how companies go about achieving that standard is up to them. For example, companies can utilize lighting, marking, painting, flagging—whatever it takes to make the tower visible from 2,000 feet.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation oversees the online registry. Anyone owning or leasing a meteorological testing tower must report the structure’s exact location, county, height, elevation at ground site, owner and the method used to make the structure visible. Ownership details are kept in confidence.