The National Agricultural Aviation Association’s (NAAA) Code of Conduct applies to all classes of its membership. Material violations of this Code may be grounds for member discipline, up to and including suspension of NAAA membership, as outlined in the NAAA Bylaws, Article II, Section 4. NAAA members have the right to be heard by the NAAA Board of Directors prior to any such action being taken.

  1. NAAA members will operate in a manner that reflects the professionalism and ethical nature of the aerial application industry. 
  2. NAAA members will respond in a timely and professional manner regarding legitimate complaints about issues including but not limited to alleged noise, low-level flight, or off-target movement of product.  When there is misinformation or a misunderstanding about their operation by the public, media or government, members will make efforts to educate and inform as needed.
  3. When addressing the media (traditional, social or otherwise), NAAA members will present themselves and their statements professionally and courteously.
  4. NAAA members will refrain from making disparaging, misinformed allegations about the industry and will operate their businesses in a manner that best represents the agricultural aviation industry and the communities in which their businesses operate. 
  5. NAAA members will be accurate when advertising or promoting the services that they provide.  All claims will be able to be verified by appropriate industry standards.
  6. In their dealings with each other and with NAAA staff, NAAA members will uphold the highest standards of professional and respectful conduct (including sensitivity to others), and will engage in no harassing, offensive or other inappropriate behavior.