Exhibitor Details

2016 NAAA Convention
December 5–8, 2016 ♦ Long Beach, Calif.

Map of 2016 NAAA Trade Show Floor

Click here (PDF) or here (JPG)  to view the NAAA Trade Show floor. Trade Show entrance in the lower right hand corner. 

2016 Booth Sales

Booth sales for the 50th Annual NAAA Convention & Exposition will begin on July 11, 2016 at 12 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. CT / 9 a.m. PT for 10x10 or 10x20 booth space. Large booth sales are currently open. Click here for directions on how to purchase booth space. Please contact Lindsay Barber at (202) 546-5722 ASAP if you're a company that falls into one of the following categories: 
- Plans a sponsorship at the Diamond or Platinum Levels ($12,000+). 
- Will bring an aircraft. 
- Will purchase an island (20' x 20' or larger). 
- Will purchase a 10x30 inline space or larger.

Directions to Purchase Booth Space

NAAA is once again utilizing the same online interactive system as the previous few years for booth sales. Click here for directions on how to purchase booth space.

Five reasons to exhibit at the 2016 NAAA Convention & Exposition:

  1. The world’s largest targeted audience of purchasers of ag aviation equipment, parts and services will be attending the convention and will have the opportunity to obtain more information about your company and products.
  2. You can educate the attendees about your products and/or services. Show a demonstration or give away a sample or a takeaway (if applicable).
  3. Exhibiting enhances your company’s credibility and commitment to what you are offering.
  4. Networking with attendees on the trade show floor will generate new sales and/or leads and potential business partnerships for your company. You can visit with current customers to ensure a strong relationship and you will walk away with new contacts and very likely sales.
  5. Raise awareness about your company.

Long Beach Union Rules & Loading Dock Rules

Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center is a union facility. Please click here to review the union details to plan for the type of booth space that you will purchase for the 2016 NAAA Convention.

LOADING DOCKS: Exhibitors cannot unload their items at the loading docks. Exhibitors can hand carry items through the front door (you are not allowed to use carts, items must be hand carried). 

2016 Exhibitor Services Kit

Click here to view the NAAA Exhibitor Services kit for Long Beach. Booth purchase terms and conditions can be viewed here.

About the NAAA Trade Show

When it comes to agricultural aviation trade shows, it doesn't get any better than the NAAA Exposition—and the World’s Largest Agricultural Aviation Trade Show keeps getting bigger. If you're a company looking to get your products and/or services in front of ag pilots, the NAAA Exposition is the place to be! We look forward to seeing you in Long Beach, Calif.


2016 Exhibitor Rates

Exhibitors must be an Allied Member or Operator Member of NAAA to qualify for the NAAA member rates below. Booth purchase terms and conditions can be viewed here. Booths are 10’ x 10’. Larger booths are combinations of multiples of 10’ x 10’ spaces. Islands are 20’ x 20’ or larger. Registrations for four booth personnel (per 10’ x 10’ booth and per aircraft) are included in your exhibitor package (this includes tickets to the Welcome Reception and Farewell Reception). Additional booth personnel registrations are available for $125 each for the duration of the show. Tickets to the Kickoff Breakfast and Farewell/Awards Banquet can be purchased individually. 

Company Size
(# of employees) 
NAAA Member Non-Member
(Contact us for
membership pricing)
1-10 $780 $2,330
11-50  $1,155 $2,735 
51-100 $1,510 $3,390
101-500 $1,720 $3,745
501+ $2,010 $4,250
Each additional 10'x10'  $850 $2,025
Premium Space - aisles on two sides. Add: $200 $255
20'x20' Island Booth  $5,190 $15,180
20'x30' Island Booth $7,275 $20,240
Aircraft (plane or helicopter) Each $610 $2,025
Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

Trade Show Floor Map

Booth Purchase Directions

Exhibitor Services Kit 

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