Leif Isaacson

Leif Isaacson is the owner and operator of Desert Air Ag in Terreton, Idaho. The company operates four turbine aircraft and one helicopter doing a wide range of agricultural operations. Leif, who has been a flight instructor for 30 years, is rated in fixed and rotary wing aircraft, gliders and seaplanes. He has been an aerial applicator for 37 years.

Leif is a long-standing member of the Idaho AAA and is a Past President of that association. He was elected to serve on the Board of Directors of NAAREF in 2007 and is currently serving as Vice President.

Leif has served in various capacities representing the aerial application community in his home state. One of these was serving as a committee member on the State of Idaho containment program. He is an integrated pest management advisor for Brigham Young University (Idaho).

Leif, a PAASS presenter since 2006, is pleased to be a presenter and is especially excited about the Compaass Rose program because he feels that mentoring new pilots into the ag industry is our future.