Agricultural Airman Guidelines

The Agricultural Airman Guidelines (AAG) are intended primarily to be a resource to assist operators, supervisors, pilots and FAA personnel when preparing for, or administering, a 14 CFR §137.19(e) Knowledge and Skills Test or Endorsement (Letter of Competency). Secondarily, and more generally, they serve as consistent safety education and training guidance for agricultural aviation operators…

AC 137-1B

This FAA Advisory Circular (AC) describes the means for an agricultural aircraft operator to apply for an Agricultural Aircraft Operator Certificate under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 137. The AC also addresses safety practices for agricultural aircraft operators

14 CFR Part 137

14 CFR Part 137 – Agricultural Aircraft Operations – describes the federal rules governing (1) Agricultural aircraft operations within the United States and (2) The issue of commercial and private agricultural aircraft operator certificates for those operations