268 pages • 5 eras • 10 decades • 34 Spotlight pieces • One heck of a story!

Thirty-five years after the first great historical account of the industry—Mabry Anderson’s Low & Slow: An Insider’s History of Agricultural Aviation—comes a new, updated account of aerial application’s history from the National Agricultural Aviation Association: Agriculture’s Air Force: 100 Years of Aerial Application.

Based on a collective history of the agricultural aviation industry sourced from Agricultural Aviation magazine, AgAir UpdateLow & Slow and other materials, Agriculture’s Air Force chronicles the agricultural aviation industry’s growth from its infancy in 1921 through the boom times after World War II, and on to today’s modern era of high-tech aerial application.

Whether you are an aviation enthusiast, have an appreciation for agriculture or are simply awed by the aerial ballet of these low-flying aviators, pull up a seat and tag along with Agriculture’s Air Force! (Available in hardback.) Agriculture’s Air Force retails for $45. Order it today from AgAir Update’s Online Store.