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Miscellaneous invoicing is used to track various things for which an association may collect payments, but which are not tracked elsewhere in the system, such as through Membership, E-Commerce, Fundraising, etc. Typically, these are used for miscellaneous cash receipts for infrequent transactions where use of one of the other ACGI modules is not warranted. These do not have to be physical products.

Navigate to:
Admin > Accounting > Miscellaneous Items > AR Items.

The initial step in the Miscellaneous Invoicing configuration is to define the items to be sold.

  1. From the AR Items display grid, click the Add New Record button.
  2. Specify the following fields:
    • SetofBooks – the accounting set of books that should be used for transactions involving this item.
    • Item Code – code value of the item to be sold. Should follow the convention for code values in AssociationAnywhere, i.e. all capitals, no special characters, no spaces
    • Descr – Description. This is the human-readable text description of the item.
    • AR Account – the Accounts Receivable account that should be used when creating transactions for this item.
    • Create Invoices as True AR (Y/N) – If set to “Y”, then this item will be considered a true receivable as soon as the invoice is created. If set to “N”, then the invoice will be created as non-AR (pro forma).
  3. Once these fields have been completed, click the Save Changes button.

Admin > Accounting > Miscellaneous Items > AR Item Price

  1. On the Lookup AR Item Prices screen, click the Query button. The AR Pricing Information screen appears. Any existing pricing information is shown in the table.
  2. Select the desired set of books and item code combination from the drop-down list and click the Insert button. The set of books and item code are shown at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter a start date and end date. These dates refer to the period of time when the current price is valid.
  4. Enter a description for the item.
  5. Select the actual GL account and enter 1.00 in the Amount field. This amount serves as a placeholder until a payment of the real cost of the item is made.
  6. Click the Save button to save the record to the database.

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