Creating a Batch

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Batches are uses to track all financial transactions in ACGI. The organization names which should be substituted for <<ORG>> are: ACUI, AUID, IACLEA, NAAA, NCCI. Be sure to include the hyphen between the <<ORG> and the batch type code.

Automatically Created Batches

Two types of daily batches are created automatically by ACGI:

Batch TypeDescription
<<ORG>>-ECHECK<<YYYMMDD>>Daily <<ORG>> E-Check Batch
<<ORG>>-CC<<YYYMMDD>>Daily <<ORG>> Credit Card Batch

Orders Batches

A monthly transactions batch should be created for all orders. An active batch with the proper naming convention and the latest batch date will be the default for all orders. A transactions batch, usually created by the finance team, must exist to create an order.

Batch TypeDescriptionBatch Date
<<ORG>>-TRANS<<YYYMMDD>>.YYYYMM Transactions BatchLast day of the month

Manual Batches

It may be necessary to create a manual batch. These are for checks, ACH’s sent directly to our bank account, Paypal and payments and check refunds. Please use this naming convention:

Batch TypeDescriptionBatch Date
<<ORG>>-CK<<YYYMMDD>>YYYYMMDD Check BatchDate of deposit
<<ORG>>-ACH<<YYYMMDD>>YYYYMMDD ACH BatchDate of deposit
<<ORG>>-CCPP<<YYYMMDD>>YYYYMMDD PayPal BatchDate of deposit
<<ORG>>-CCAT<<YYYMMDD>>YYYYMMDD BatchDate of deposit
<<ORG>>-CKRF<<YYYMMDD>>YYYYMMDD Check Refund BatchDate of deposit

Creating a New Batch

Navigate to New/Batch

Enter the data from the batch naming convention above. The batch will look like this and then click Insert

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