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Earmarking A credit from a cancelled order

Intended Audience: Customer Service/Finance

If you have a positive credit amount on a customer record, that was created due to a cancelled product/service and wish to “earmark” it as a credit for a particular product area to be applied in the future, the following steps can be taken:

Payment Page:

  1. Go to NEW | Payment from the backoffice main navigation menu.
  2. Enter in the customer ID of the customer in the Paid For and Paid By fields.
  3. Enter $0 in the amount field.
  4. Select any cash equivalent payment type
  5. Select the appropriate cash/order open batch
  6. Type “Earmarked Credit” in the Check # or Payment Reference field.
  7. Click Submit

Apply Payment Page:

  1. Select the appropriate value from the Put Remaining Payment Credit In drop down. If you’re not sure what product area the customer will use the credit for in the future, you can select the Accounts Receivable option.
  2. Click Submit
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Article Info:
Created: October 30, 2023
Created by: Atria
Last update: October 30, 2023