Create Partial Refund

There are times when a payment will need to be partially refunded. This may be required to apply a scholarship payment, change payment method, pay a portion of an invoice by a personal card/check, etc. The process varies slightly depending on the scenario.

Credit Card Payment Applied to Multiple Invoices

  • Navigate to the Payment
  • Click on the Invoice Number of the Invoice to be refunded
  • Note the Bill To ID (ID#1) and the Ship To ID (ID#2)
  • Go back to the Payment
  • Click Refund by Transaction ID
  • If ID#1 is not already in the Paid For field, add it to the existing ID
  • If ID#2 is different than the Bill To IDs enter it in the Ship To field
  • Change the payment amount to the amount to be refunded (must be negative)
  • Click Submit
  • Apply the negative payment to the appropriate invoice
  • Click Submit

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