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Applying Payments from One Customer to Another

Intended Audience: Finance/Member Services

4. Click Submit.

5. On the allocation screen, you must change the Apply Payment amount next to the credit invoice to be the amount of the credit you wish to use, preceded by a negative sign. So for example, if the invoice had a balance of -1000 (indicating a credit) and you wanted to use half of that to pay another invoice, you would enter -500 on the Apply Payment line.

6. For the invoice which will be paid by the use of the credit, you need to enter the amount being applied under Apply Payment. So, if this customer had a balance of 600, and you were going to apply the $500 credit against that balance, you would enter 500 under Apply Payment.

7. Click the Calculate Total Applied Amount. The Payment Applied and Payment Remaining fields should BOTH equal 0. This is because the reduction to the credit and the payment are balancing each other out, so the amount of the new payment being entered nets to zero.

8. Click Submit.

9. Go back and review the customer records – the credit should be gone from the one record and the invoice paid off in the other record. 

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Article Info:
Created: October 11, 2023
Created by: Atria
Last update: October 11, 2023