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Creating an AMS Help Desk Ticket

There are two options to create a ticket:

If you need any assistance with Associations Anywhere (ACGI) please create a ticket. For a complete system outage, refer to system outage.

Ticket Status

You can create an account to monitor the status of any ticket in the online portal

Reasons to Submit a Ticket

  • Any error or unexpected behavior
  • Permissions or menu items needed for back-end user (staff)
  • Error message
  • Creating a new meeting or product
  • Assistance with reporting

Keys to a Successful Ticket

  • Create a descriptive subject line.
    • Start the subject line with the organization name (i.e. subj: ACUI-Error when creating payment)
    • Include a level of urgency
      • Urgent – Needs to be resolved today
      • High – Needs to be resolved within 1 week
      • Medium – Needs to be resolved within 2 weeks
      • Low – Needs to be addressed when possible
    • If you are forwarding an email, please change the subject line so that it accurately describes the issue.
  • Clearly describe the issue
    • Utilize full sentences to provide context for the issue
    • Provide a full list of steps (pathway) that you took (Example – 1. Went to Brandy Wanbaugh’s contact record 2. Selected “Events” from Switch View 3. Selected 24 CONF event registration 4. Selected Add/Remove Items button 5. Recieved an error message indicating X,Y,Z – Screenshot of error message below)
  • Provide thorough support materials
    • Include a link to the record or, if possible, a direct link to the area of the system causing the issue (for example, a contact’s event registration or a specific invoice). If it is a multiple step process, be sure to link to the first page.
    • Include screenshots if possible. Please be sure to include the full window, INCLUDING the URL, in the screenshot. Include a screen recording if multiple steps.
  • Provide your desired resolution
    • Clearly describe the result that you need (Example – I need a $200 One-Day Registration Item created for the 2024 Annual Conference that is available to Corporate Contact Types only. This should only be available on the back-end for member services to utilize).
    • Include date needed if resolution is time sensitive

Note: Please do not send a separate email for an existing ticket if possible as this opens an additional ticket. Reply directly to any message received from the ticketing system to maintain all relevant information within one thread.

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